Hot spring bath

We opened hot spring bath (thermal onsen) in September, 2019. All our guests are free to use it at there convenience.

Kaike hot spring resort is one of those where one can relax at hot springs and enjoy swimming. Hot spring waters are mixed with seawater, natural water with large amount of calcium.

Recommended if you suffer from:

Neuralgia, muscle pain, myalgias, joint diseases, arthralgia, periarthritis of the shoulder, paralysis, chronic diseases of  the digestive system, hemorrhoids, the recovery period after illness, overwork, burns, chronic skin and gynecological diseases.

Honorary professor of Tottori university, D.M.S. Yoshiya Hiko: 

«When taking a bath at Kaike hot spring salts in local water help to dissolve dead skin cells. Skin feels like wrapped in thin veil. Also hot spring waters have anti-aging effect and help to make skin aging process slower. This hot spring helps to strengthen health and get smooth and healthy skin»

How to:

Take a bath breast-high during 5 minutes, then make 5-10 minutes break, then immerse yourself in the bathtub completely for 5 minutes, take break for 5 minutes (drink water) and take deep bath again. Taking bath this way boosts exchange processes in the body, activates fat burning and has good effect on skin’s beauty.
Free of charge for hotel guests. Inside bath and open air bath available.
You can use bath by schedule: men and women separately and family use time (advance reservation is required).
Family (private) use time (upon reservation only): from 18:00 to 18:40 and from 19:00 to 19:40.
*Reservation is made only after check in. Advance reservation is not possible.

If you have any of the following symptoms, refrain from using the hot spring until you are completely cured:


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